30 Sep 2017

Making traditional flute 2

To make this traditional flute, I read many books & articles written about japanese traditional music. Then I dictated Local lion dance's music played flutes & a drum from DVD movie. I found the used scale. It's tuned at about 1 whole tone below than 440hz.
The 3rd note is tuned 1/4 flat E or 1/4sharp Eb. Main reason for the tuning is for hiding player's low music sense & playing technique. Sub reason to sound E & Eb with only emboucher. We can bend the tone more sharp & flat with the larger emboucher hole 12 x 16 mm. The ancient flutes left at Shosoin since 8c have small embouchurhole 8 x 10 mm. The measurements is similar to european baroque & classical flute's.

The 7th hole is opened for Low & midle D. The flute for Lion Dance has 7 holes for fingers. It means it was from china. Japanese & korean flute have only 6 holes for fingers. The lowest note & next note is minor 3rd degrees.
In the case, Lion flute, the scale CDEF#GABC#. It can be said baroque flute plus C foot. Pricisely the 7th hole is used for Eb/D# on baroque one. The figering system is almost same. It was useful to solute the enigma of the Lion flute. Because No local players know the music was written with tuned scale..

Local players never learned modern theory of music & they did only imitate of the playing. They never study the music.

This time, I analyse the music, the found scale, & I noticed I can repaire a little of the music. Mainy a little broken parts.

The japanese traditional music is written in 2/4 4/4 mainly. But In Local Lione Dance's music otfen has 3/4 measures. In the future I solute them to take back original form with original beat.

I copied a few music for shrine's ritual. In this month 9th 13:00, I play the music. I'm not religionist. I just help the traditional music as an reseacher studies ancient music.

21 May 2016

Improved GPS watch

I  improved GPS watch by adding RTC to use it acturally.
Almost of the parts are common to Adafruit's Neogeo watch. I added RTC, a few buttons and on/off switch and changed mainboard from Flora to Pro Trinket 3v and battery back pack for Trinket.
 This one can be charged with USB micro cable.
 By adding voltage divider with 2 carbon resisters, It can show the volume of battery. I have already written rainbow Led code. I used it for this battery checking mode.
Its downstair has mainboard, accelerometer/magnet Sensor, Real time clock and lipoly battery 3.7v 400mah.
I added code for cpu sleep mode and watch dog timer, too. It works for about 26 hours. Before this improving, It works for only 8 hours.

8 May 2016

2 rollers brass buckle

I made 3 brass buckles with silver soldering.
At first cutting parts. The thickness of the brass sheet is 1.5 mm.
 Copper tube.
 3mm and 4 mm brass rods.
 Filing all parts to get precise measurements.

 They are checked on the drawing before soldering.

 When the soldering didn't go well, I clean the part by the acid and try again.
 4 mm brass rod is hard to bend.
  I filed them to be a hald diameter.

 Bending is power work. I don't like that.

 Not so bad !

 Cleaning by the acid. Actually the green liquid is cleaner for toilette. The time of the phase is about 5 minutes. It is copper plating a little.
 I polish the brass parts of the front side.
I used one for my leather belt.